Here are 10 small pictures (total size about 300k) from a 5 week Asia vacation trip in November and December 2004. Travels included Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Link to the same 10 pictures: medium size (total ~800k)
Links to 40 more pictures: small (total ~1 meg) or medium size (total ~3 meg)

Here's the 4 word summary of each destination:

  • Japan: Excellent trains; great food
  • Singapore: Fantastic food, very orderly
  • Malaysia: Inexpensive, friendly, and chaotic
  • New Zealand: All about the outdoors
  • Australia: Huge, varied, and scenic

    Japan / Tokyo Shibuya at night


    Japan / The Heian Shrine in Kyoto (note the Oompa Loompa balconies)


    Japan / Shinkansen (bullet trains) at Ueno station in Tokyo


    Singapore / Snapshot from a wide mix of cultures in a modern setting


    Malaysia / Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur; tallest towers in the world from 1998 to 2004

    [Petronas Towers]

    New Zealand / Mountains, west of Arthur's Pass on the south island

    [New Zealand mountains]

    New Zealand / Coastline, Abel Tasman National Park, near Nelson on the south island

    [New Zealand coast]

    Australia / Nicely uncrowded beach near Noosa

    [Australia beach]

    Australia / Downtown Melbourne, Victoria from St Kilda pier

    [Melbourne skyline]

    Australia / Part of the 12 Apostles, limestone formations off the Great Ocean Road

    [Australia coast]

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