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Ratings & Subjective Evaluations*
Engine....................... 9.9 8.7 Supra screams; Catalina thrusts not unlike a Pratt & Whitney
Gearbox..................... 9.5 3.7 Catalina automatic is abrupt and lacks overdrive
Steering..................... 9.4 10.0 You could steer the Catalina with a feather, it's so effortless
Brakes....................... 8.5 6.6 Supra stops better; Catalina squeals less
Ride.......................... 8.0 9.9 Catalina will float over craters on the moon
Handling.................... 9.8 8.4 Catalina's 40 degree banking angle impedes driving the twisties
Body Structure........... 9.0 9.3 Only GM could load that much steel on 1 frame; Supra is also solid
AVERAGE.................. 9.2 8.1
Comfort/Controls SUPRA CATALINA
Driving Position........... 10.0 1.8 Supra: wondermous. Catalina: school bus-like
Controls..................... 10.0 0.7 Supra: perfect. Catalina: perfect, ah, horn location
Instrumentation........... 8.4 9.7 Analog clock straight in front of you; it's always the right time for Catalina
Outward vision............ 7.8 9.2 Catalina provides a full view of people staying the hell out of your way
Quietness.................. 3.7 7.0 Supra's giant tires make giant noise
Heat/vent/AC.............. 9.9 2.6 Ball-blowers make every driver comfy in both cars
Ingress/egress............ 6.2 9.9 Catalina interior is so large and easy to get in, you can park a Miata in it
Front seats................. 9.8 9.9 Supra's buckets are great, but Catalina's seats provide ultimate comfort
Rear seats.................. 1.2 9.4 Supra's rear seats are for serious S&M sessions only
Rear Rear seats........... 0.0 10.0 Keeps passengers further from frontal impact
Luggage/Loading....... 5.7 10.0 Move to a new house in the Supra; can move the house in the Catalina
AVERAGE.................. 6.6 7.3
Grille.......................... 9.5 8.6 Catalina has a vulptuous grille with big, sharp, pointy teeth
Exterior styling............ 9.6 9.8 Ah, the joy of right angles! The Catalina any day
Exterior finish.............. 9.4 9.6 The Catalina's rust spots add the individual touch
Interior styling............. 8.4 8.6 We just can't get enough Naugahyde
Interior finish............... 8.9 9.1 Faux wood in Catalina adds class. Is this not a Mercedes brethren?
AVERAGE.................. 9.2 9.1
Editor's Ratings SUPRA CATALINA
Editor #1 favorite......... 2.4 10.0 "Catalina stole my heart!"
Editor #2 favorite......... 3.6 9.7 "Supra a hot performer, but Catalina is obviously the better car."
Editor #3 favorite......... 10.0 0.0 "Of course, the Toyota. Oh, What a Feeling! Great financing now..."
AVERAGE................. 5.3 6.6
* Ratings are average of 3 staff member's choices; cars are rated on a 0 to 10 scale, 10 being best. 1 staff member may or may not get a kickback from Toyota, but the results are of course still accurate.

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