The Boston Central Artery/Tunnel project is America's largest public works project today. It encompasses the new Ted Williams Tunnel between south Boston and Logan Airport, which is currently open to traffic, and the rebuilding of the Central Artery (I-93) which is (as of mid-2002) nearing completion. The new Artery will run underground through the heart of downtown Boston, and will be constructed underneath the existing elevated structure.

Check out the extensive webpage for the Central Artery/Tunnel project.

Traffic on the Central Artery before any construction (around 1985)

[Artery traffic]

Ted Williams Tunnel bore interior before opening (1994)


Cut and cover roadway section near the tunnel, under construction (1994)

[Tunnel approach]

Vent building under construction in south Boston above the entrance to the tunnel (1994)

[Vent building]

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