Last major update October 2001; latest minor update March 2004 (Note: Several companies listed are now out of business)

ITS/Telematics and related companies
Approximate company locations by airport code or country in parenthesis

ITS America is a good clearinghouse of industry information and news. "Traveler Information" and "Telematics" topics have links to press releases across the industry:

Transport-communications newsletter has current industry news and links:

More industry news and links:

An excellent summary of the traffic data market from UBS Warburg, June 2001:

Telematics Research Group ( does market analysis. Telematics market summary, September 2001, at:

Outlook4Mobility ( has created a telematics market summary for Oracle/Wingcast, March 2001:

Some ITS/Telematics standards links:

*Traveler information:
TrafficStation (LAX)
Tele Atlas (was Etak) (SFO) ( (PHL)
Traffic411 (LAX)
InfoMove (SEA)
TrafficCast (MSN)
SmartRoute (BOS)
Iteris (LAX)
Traffic Advisory News Network-TANN ( (LAX)
Mapquest (IAD, DEN)
Trafficmaster ( (United Kingdom)
Clear Channel ( (SAT)
Intellione (ATL, SAN)
Decell (Israel)
Star Traffic ( (LAX)
Metrocommute (EWR)
TTech Systems ( (SFO)
Digital Traffic Systems ( (ABQ)
Zipdash (SJC)

*Traffic management:
Transdyn Controls ( (SFO, ATL)
Transcore (ATL, EWR, SAN, PHX, others)
NET, National Engineering Technology ( (ORD, LAX)
Gardner Systems, now part of Siemens ( (SFO, LAX, others)
Kimley-Horn (PHX, DFW, others)
PB-Farradyne ( (IAD)
Cambridge Systematics ( (BOS)
Castle Rock Consultants ( (IAD)
Exor ( (BOS)
IBI Group ( (YYZ)
Mitretek (BWI)
Honeywell (was Allied Signal) (BWI)
Lockheed Martin [Note: Sold ITS division to ACS] ( (IAD)
Frederic R. Harris ( (EWR)
Parsons (LAX, others)
PBS&J ( (MIA, others)
Dynamic Technology Systems ( (IAD)
Knowledge System Design ( (SNA)
McCain Traffic ( (SMF)
Trevilon (IAD)

Wingcast (SAN)
Onstar (DTW)
Pronounced (LAX)
XM Radio ( (IAD)
Sirius ( (EWR)
InfoGation (SAN)
ATX Technologies ( (DFW)
i2go (ATL)
MobileAria (SFO)
WirelessCar (Sweden)
Sensoria (SAN, LAX)
Cellport (DEN)
Alpine (LAX)
Acunia (Belgium)
Cross Country Group ( (BOS)
Visteon (DTW)
Vetronix (SBA)
Motorola (ORD)
Johnson Controls ( (DTW)
Televoke (SFO)
Response Services Center ( (BWI)
Clarity ( (DTW)
Digital Dispatch Systems ( (YVR)
Satronics (LAX)
GPS Skylink ( (SFO)
MobilEye (Israel)
Phone-Or (Israel)
Internet Motors ( (LAX, SEA)
VDO (part of Siemens) (Germany)
Minor Planet ( (DFW)

Xmarc (SFO)
Navtech (ORD)
Thomas Brothers ( (LAX)
GIS/Trans ( (LAX, SFO, IAD)
ALK Technologies ( (PHL)
Travroute [division of ALK Technologies] (PHL)
ObjectFX (MSP)
DeLorme (PWM)
Trimble (SFO)
MapInfo (ALB)
Intergraph (HSV)
Bentley (PHL, DEN)
Garmin (MCI)
Sigem (YOW)
Intuicom (DEN)
ExitSource (ATL)
LocatioNet (Israel)
Magellan ( (SFO)

Cell-Loc (YYC)
USWireless ( (SFO)
TruePosition (PHL)
Telcontar (SFO)
Geoworks (SFO, EWR)
Maptuit (YYZ)
Airbiquity (SEA)
SignalSoft ( (DEN)
Kivera (SFO)
Televigation (SFO)
Webraska (France)
Airflash (SFO)
Cellpoint (Sweden)
Sigem (YYZ)
Cue (SNA)
Terion (MLB)
Locate Networks (SEA)
MForma [was NearMe] (SEA)
Gearworks (MSP)
TeleCommunication Systems ( (IAD)
Vindigo (EWR)
Wherify (SFO)
SecuraTrak (SFO)
Wireless Knowledge ( (SAN)
Peoplenet ( (MSP)
GlobeRanger (DFW)
GeoTouch (SFO)
PowerLOC (YYZ)
Oracle (SFO)
WaveMarket (SFO)
Mesh Networks (MCO)
3e Technologies International ( (BWI)

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