Arizona has a great monsoon in the summer, typically starting in early July and ending in mid September, with some great thunderstorms. See more at the National Weather Service Phoenix website. Some photos from the 2006 season...

Lightning northeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, taken from the Terminal 4 parking garage, July 25 2006


Phoenix at night from Hayden Butte/A Mountain, August 14 2006


Phoenix sunset with Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in the background, from Hayden Butte/A Mountain, August 14 2006


Arizona sunset, east of Fountain Hills off the Beeline (The Rolls OHV area), August 22 2006

[Distant Storms]

Daytime storms in the distance, Phoenix, August 28 2006

[Distant Storms]

A haboob is a duststorm caused by the leading edge of a thunderstorm outflow, south of Chandler, August 14 2006


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