As the seasons change we again arrive upon this wonderful time of year, and so it is time to reflect on the True Meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is not a time to give thanks.

Thanksgiving is a time to get bumped.

This Thanksgiving may feel different, perhaps even challenging, with changes in travel patterns and airline schedules. But one constant remains: there is still a concentrated air travel Thanksgiving rush hour, which will not disappear. This rush hour window might grow or shrink, depending on the dynamics of reduced demand versus reduced capacity, but the core of Wednesday afternoon and Sunday afternoon will remain pure. So the opportunity still remains: pack as much food and reading as your carryon limits allow, and let everyone know that your Thanksgiving dinners are to be held Friday, not Thursday, and the greatest rewards of this special time of year will flow forth--hundreds of dollars of free travel, courtesy of the full airlines. America West Airlines, year in and year out, provides the most wonderful experience anyone could have on this holiday: a Silverliner Shower, free travel vouchers for all who play as a reward for those who take the time to halt their schedules to spend an eternity of quality time at the great Hub of Riches, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

But alas, for my second year now, I sorrowfully turn away from this truest expression, the pinnacle of Thanksgiving. I will again fly Southwest Airlines, on a nonstop flight, with the sad, dull, menial objective of getting where I'm going, quickly. The fortunes will surely cross me for betraying my roots. May others learn from my sorrow, and may everyone show up for their reservations, so that so many others may share in the riches and learn from what I have forsaken.