Dear traveler,

'Tis the season to be traveling to far off lands and often by plane. And so it is time for our annual arrival at the True Meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is not a time to give thanks. Thanksgiving is a time to get bumped.

As surely as the oceans cool and the clouds thicken, the peak of airline overbooking beckons. There are so few days and so many travelers. This year, there's a new joy in store for the holiday travels. The powers that be have bestowed upon us the power to power up our devices from start to finish. All will be captivated with beaming screens of apps and music and movies and fun and games. Cranky children will be silent; chatty boors will stay rapt. No more glazed stares out the window during the rumble of a takeoff or watching overhead bins jiggle while careening to a stop on touchdown.

While the world of change rolls on, one constant remains: the airlines want more money, so stuffing their birds with people is a must. For the patiently flexible, fine prizes await when we don't all fit. Sadly, it has been two long years since I have tasted the fruits of the bump. Perhaps it is my punishment for moving far from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, the Hub of Riches, where Silver Liners shower forth from a clear blue sky at every twist and turn of the holiday crowd. But the allure of free voyaging is strong. So I will try again this Thanksgiving to wander the terminals in search of the chorus: "Overbooked! Oversold! We need people! Riches you'll hold!"

Wishing you and yours a fine free flying filled journey,