Dear traveler,

As the last of the leaves flutter down from the trees, the seasons roll forward to a festive time of year. A comfortable mid-November day in the skies with middle seats left empty and upgrades cleared can cleanse and prepare us anew for the great holiday bumping bonanza that lies ahead. It is a fine time to reflect on the True Meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving may be a time to give thanks, but Thanksgiving must be a time to get bumped.

It is a fine time to be an airline. The economy is healing and fuel is falling, so itís high time to mint money. More people now pledge allegiance to the new frontier of the spirited discounters who push the Thanksgiving stuffing to new heights; itís a wonder that the stuffees can still breathe at the end of their voyage. The airlines still make believe that there can be more people than seats, and when their fantasy goes bad, the opportunity turns golden for those who are ready to grab the bump. The rewards are easy for those who are prepared: clear your calendars, bring your array of screens and chargers to pass the time, and reap the bonanza of free travel that can be yours by volunteering early and often for the bump.

May your frequent freebies fly furiously this festive holiday season!