More links
TrafficStation -- Current traffic for many metro areas
Subaru Impreza 2.5RS I-Club -- Impreza site
Yahoo airline news
Yahoo airline message boards
Yahoo Traffic -- Traffic conditions for several metro areas
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML -- Good HTML intro
FlightExplorer -- Aircraft location and status
FlyteComm -- Aircraft location and status
AnyWho -- Phone book finder
Caltrans road and other info
Atlanta traffic -- Freeway traffic speeds
Deja News -- readnews archive
Bay Area transit information
Bay Area real time data -- traffic, winds, from USGS

A bunch more miscellaneous websites that I haven't linked. (29-Mar-1997 and later)
GIS stuff:
(Newsgroup:) sci.image.processing

Karl work:

LA Times: account name rwstack. I traveled on 29-Dec-1996.

Northwestern trans:

Air transportation info/links:

Composing Good HTML:

Introduction to Perl:

Perl Reference Guide:

The Perl Language Homepage:

Lots of transit info:

Vanguard Airlines:

I Hate Bay Area Traffic:

US airport data:

CHP cad: http://cad/


NTCIP Guide, version 2.0:

Phillips Defense Daily:

California PATH:

Observed Wind Over San Francisco Bay:

The Institute of Transportation Studies:

NCSA HTTPd Tutorial: Server Side Includes (SSI):

MIT Intelligent Transportation Systems:

Welcome to The Gate (SF Bay):

Cool personal site:

MetroActive | Silicon Valley | Best Food & Drink:

Crystal Reports Test (Transdyn local):

(Laptop search: )

April 1999 new links :::

Weather glossary

Severe weather outlooks

(June 1999)
Towers of Hanoi Java
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(May 2001) (DFW atc audio)

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